How to set up a free registration wall to build your email list

Watch this video to learn how to set up a free registration to build your email list. Text instructions below:

  • This video will go over why setting a registration wall is critical to your paid subscription success. 
  • Here is a case study on using this approach to quickly build your email list.

How to set up your free registration wall

  1. Go to Leaky Paywall/Settings in your dashboard. 
  2. Click on the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Create a new subscription level with a price of $0 and it will generate the free level subscription
  4. Set the Subscription length to Forever
  5. Set your Access options to how many articles the free level should give access to each time period... Ex: month (see screenshot below)
  6. Under Leaky Paywall >> Settings make sure you update your Subscribe or Login Message (HTML accepted) to motivate your free registration. Here is an effective initial subscription nag:

  7. Under Leaky Paywall >> Settings also make sure you update your Upgrade Message to motivate anyone registered to upgrade/pay for premium access. This will trigger for a logged in free registered user after they have exhausted their free allotment of articles. Here is a good example:

When a new free subscriber decides to register you can also use our Custom Registration fields add-on to capture additional subscriber info on the registration form.

You can also let subscribers opt-in to other newsletters (using MailChimp Groups) with our MailChimp add-on.