How to migrate WordPress posts into issues using the Migration Tool

Requires the Migration tool

This plugin helps you quickly move a Post (or other post type) into an Article and assign it to an issue.  This lets you easily build issues from existing content on your site.

There are two ways to migrate posts:

Single Post migration

1. Go to Posts in the WP admin. Hover over a post title and click on "Migrate to IssueM".

2. Select the Issue, category (optional), and tags (optional) and whether to copy the post or move it. 

Bulk Migration

1. In the WP admin go to Articles > Migration Tool. 

2. You can filter your posts by post type, number of items to show, a date range, categories, and tags.  

3. In the results, select the posts you want to migrate. You can add them to an existing issue, or create a new one to attach the posts to during the migration.

4. You can choose to preserve the original Post by checking the “Copy Posts?” box. Leave the box unchecked to delete them during the move process.

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