Issue-to-PDF setup

Requires Issue-to-PDF plugin

1. Recommended PHP Memory Limit of at least 32MB or 64MB
2. This plugin is 12megs+ and will likely need to be uploaded manually via FTP
3. The WordPress Orderby menu field controls the order of the article output inthe PDF

Template customization

Issue-to-PDF uses the mPDF library to generate the PDF, so you can use their templating system to create your own custom template.

In the Issue to PDF plugin, there is an example template in templates/example.php that you can use to get you started.

Here’s the documentation on the mPDF website about using custom templates:

 Issue Cover Size

If you want your cover image to fill the page on the PDF, a good size to start with is 900px x 1132px.

Add watermark to the background of each page

This code will add the word “DRAFT” on the background of each page of the PDF. You can change this text to whatever you like.

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