IssueM widgets

IssueM comes with two widgets that you can place in any sidebar area. To access the widgets, go to Appearance->Widgets in the WordPress admin.

IssueM Active Issue

This widget will display information about the current live issue.

Display Issue Title 

Toggle display the issue title of the current live issue 

Display Issue Cover Image 
Toggle displaying the issue cover image. If no cover image is set, the default image from the IssueM Settings will be used. 

Display Issue PDF Link
If the issue has an associated PDF, the link to it will be displayed.

IssueM Article List

This widget will display a list of articles from the current live issue.


Title Display a title for the widget. 

Number of Articles to Show 
Set the number of articles to display. The default is -1 (all articles). 

Select Category to Display 
Select which category of articles to display. The default is all categories. 

Select Sort Order 
Select the order to display the articles. The default is Article Order. 

Select Order Direction 
Select whether to order the articles by ascending or descending. The default is descending. 

Edit the HTML and layout of the article content displayed in the widget.

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