Things you didn't know UniPress could do

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about UniPress:

  1. Leaky Paywall users on your site use the same WP login in the apps
  2. We can style the apps home-screen as you need and yes as long as we have the feed for the articles we can categorize as necessary. I have attached a screenshot so you can see what can be done
  3. Sidebar menu (tap the hamburger in top left corner) is managed in WP so you would have control over the categories and pages you wish to display there
  4. Deep linking = yes
  5. Display author and time of post = yes
  6. Share functions are built in and will trigger the device’s set social sharing functions
  7. Commenting: Yes we support WP comments and can require a login to enable it for the user. The apps for work this way
  8. Manual ads are built in to display in the app footer and are controlled from WordPress. We can add more ad zones if you need. We can also integrate 3rd party network ads. In body network ads are supported
  9. Sponsored articles will be displayed as they are standard posts. If you need a different visual treatment to make them stand out we can add that
  10. Swiping left and right to the next article is built in
  11. Apple/Google take 30% of your subscription fee. There are workarounds but they require extra steps from the reader to go to your site and find the subscription page. We find it’s better to get the 70% than no subscription at all
  12. App subscribers will account for approx +/-10% of your paid subscriptions
  13. Paid app access is dependent on Leaky Paywall. They are synched together for easy subscriber management

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