How do I download my plugins and get my license keys?

1. Go to your My Account page

Look for the extensions you want to install under the Downloads tab. Then, download the zip file of the extension(s) you have purchased from your My Account page.

You can find your license key under the "License Key" tab.

2. Upload the zip file to install the add-on.  

Go to your WP Admin > Plugins > Add New and click on "Upload Plugin" at the top of the screen. 

3. Add your license keys to get notified of updates for the plugin

License keys can be found in your email receipt or on your Leaky Paywall My Account page

In your WP admin, go to Leaky Paywall > Settings  and click on the "Licenses" tab. Enter your license key in the corresponding text field for your add-on(s) and click "Activate License".  Each add-on that you install has its own license key field. 

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