Leaky Paywall Trials


Must be using Stripe credit card field or Stripe checkout. Requires our Leaky Paywall - Trials extension.

Trials are only applicable on  recurring levels.  The Trial settings will only show up after you have enabled recurring payments and clicked "Save Settings".

How to setup trials with Leaky Paywall

1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions in the WordPress admin.

2. Edit the level you want to add a trial to

3. Make sure Enable Recurring Payments is checked for the level and click "Save".  Now you will see the option to enabled a trial for that level.

4. Check the "Enable trials for this level" setting.

4. Select your Trial type.  If using Stripe, you will see either "free", "paid - discount", or "paid - subscription delay".  If using Stripe Checkout, you see only "free" and "paid - discount".

5. For a "free trial", enter the number of days before the card is charged.

6. For a "paid discount trial", enter amount off the first payment. This can be a flat amount or a percentage.

7. For a "paid - subscription delay", enter the initial payment amount and how long to wait before starting the subscription. Ex: $10 for 3 months, then $100 per year

8. Enter a message to show on the subscribe card and registration for this level telling users about the trial. 

9. Click the blue “Save Settings” button.

How to calculate your trials conversion rate

Trial conversions are calculated by dividing the number of conversions in the last 30 days by the number of ended trials, either by conversion or cancellation, in the last 30 days. See the Stripe help doc

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