Corporate Subscriptions

Configuring the Leaky Paywall - Corporate Subscriptions add-on is straightforward.

The subscriber gains access through the flow depicted here.

Configuration Your Pages

  1. Create a subscriber login page (so they can submit their email) and add the login shortcode to it: [leaky_paywall_corp_subs]
  2. Create a welcome page which the subscriber will see after logging in with their email to give the subscriber instructions to check their email for their username & password.

Note: Make sure your New Subscriber Email includes the username and password template tags.

The subscriber will receive your Leaky Paywall New Subscriber Email to get their password and gain access to the site.

Configure Your Settings

Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Restrictions & Levels

How To Add Custom Fields to the Corporate Sign Up Form

1. Add the fields you want with the leaky_paywall_corporate_registration_form_before_submit action

2. Store the data to the user with the leaky_paywall_after_corporate_subscription_user_created action

3. You can display the information with the edit_user_profile action