Corporate Subscriptions

Configuring the Leaky Paywall - Corporate Subscriptions add-on is straightforward. 

  1. You can add the websiteurl to have website access manually or
  2. You can create a Corporate Subscription level and let the subscribers add their @websiteurl on checkout 

Configure Your Pages

  1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions > Corporate Subscriptions to create your corporate subscriptions.
  2. Create a subscriber login page (so they can submit their email) and add this shortcode to it: [leaky_paywall_corp_subs]
  3. Create a welcome page which the subscriber will see after they create their account. They will automatically be logged in.
  4. You can choose to send a welcome email to the subscriber.  This can be edited under Leaky Paywall > Settings > Emails > New Corporate Subscriber Email.  It is a good idea to include the password template tag so the subscriber will receive their auto generated password.

1. Add a websiteurl manually as noted in this image

2. Create a Corporate Subscription Level

This let's subscribers purchase through Leaky Paywall and add their websiteurl on checkout. In the LP dashboard create or Edit a current subscription level. Check off corporate subscriptions.

When a subscriber purchases the Corporate subscription level they will be able to add their domain during checkout for instant corporate access.

How To Add Custom Fields to the Corporate Sign Up Form

1. Add the fields you want with the leaky_paywall_corporate_registration_form_before_submit action

2. Store the data to the user with the leaky_paywall_after_corporate_subscription_user_created action

3. You can display the information with the edit_user_profile action

Please note when corporate subscribers self register they are added to the Leaky Paywall subscribers.

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