How to change subscription pricing to existing subscribers (Stripe)

There are 2 ways to update subscription pricing in Stripe

  1. Manually update each subscriber and their plans in Stripe (see below)
  2. Using our automated system to bulk update. This requires some coordination and is staged to ensure a successful migration (see below)

1. Here's how to manually update pricing in Leaky Paywall and Stripe for existing customers.

  1. Create a new subscription level in Leaky Paywall that includes your new pricing
  2. Copy the direct subscription level link and proceed to check out for that new level as if you were a new subscriber. Do not pay on step 2!
  3. Next, head over to Stripe and go Products -> select new product with new pricing that we generated in step 2
  4. Copy the API ID and save it as we'll need to come back to this later.
  5. Find a customer that you'd like to change pricing for.
  6. Add the new product that we created to the account.
  7. Be sure to delete the existing product that contains the old pricing.
  8. Next, if you want the pricing to start on the next billing cycle, turn off the prorate option.
  9. Now, we need to copy the API ID from step 4 over to Leaky Paywall for the customer in question
  10. In addition, make sure to make the subscription level to the new level.

2. Automating Leaky Paywall price changes in Stripe

This is something we can handle for you but it's a process since it's a bit complex and involves mitigating the risk of subscribers getting moved to an incorrect plan.

Essentially the way it works is you create the new plans with the new pricing in Stripe:

  • Annual digital recurring
  • Annual digital + print recurring
  • Monthly digital recurring
  • Etc.
  1. We then migrate each subscriber to the new plan, with the pro-rating off (in your case) so the new charge occurs on the existing renewal date
  2. We cancel the old plan for the subscriber
  3. Trialing subscribers: It would be easier to stop new trials in the short term and migrate subscribers when they come off trial
  4. This is all handled in stages with our automated tool on a Zoom meeting. We test a few migrations, you check the results. We then run small batches of migrations and you again spot check the results. We run batches until all subscribers have been moved to the new plans.
  5. This approach gives us guardrails since things can go wrong and there is no undo button in Stripe
  6. If something does go wrong it is up to you to manually update the subscribers in Stripe

If you would like to discuss this please get in touch.

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