Leaky Paywall Group Accounts

After you install the Leaky Paywall - Group Accounts add-on, it is time to set the default settings. 

Configure Group Account Settings

1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions and scroll down to the Group Account settings. 

2. Create a page for the Group Dashboard and add the shortcode [leaky_paywall_group_dashboard] to the page. This is where group owner's will manage their group, and group members will view their group status. 

3. Create a page for Group Member Activation and add the shortcode [leaky_paywall_group_member_activation] to the page. This is the page that the invite url will send invited members when they receive their invite email after being added to a group. 

4. Choose whether to display the Group Description field when someone registers for a Group. This field is not required. 

5. Set a welcome message to show to a group owner after they register for a Group. 

Add a Group Account to a Leaky Paywall Level

1. Go to an existing level, or add a new level. 

2. Check "Enable group accounts for this level"

3. Enter the number of seats available when a user purchases the level. 

Group Account Management in the WP Admin

You can see all group accounts on a site by going to Leaky Paywall > Group Accounts. Here you can see the information about a group account, including the owner and number of members.  It is important to remember that only the Group Owner will show up as a Leaky Paywall subscriber. All other members will only have WP user accounts, not Leaky Paywall subscriber accounts. 

Group Account Management for a Group Owner

The group owner can manage their group from the Group Dashboard page that you set. From here they can add new members, remove members, resend invites, and manage their group settings. The status of their group is tied to their Leaky Paywall account status. As long as their Leaky Paywall subscriber account remains active, the group status will remain active. 

All members of the group will have the same access that is set on the level settings for the group the owner signed up for when registering. 

Group Member Invite

You can edit the email that is sent to a group member when they are invited to a group. 

1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Emails

2. Scroll down to edit the Group Account Invitation Email

Note when a group member is removed they will receive a email letting them know.

How to Manually Create a New Group Account for a User

1. Go to Leaky Paywall > Group Accounts and click "Add New"

2. Enter the information for the new Group Account.  Please note that the user you are connecting the group to must already exist in WordPress.  If they do not, you must add them as a WordPress user first. 

3. If you don't see any level options, make sure at least one of your Leaky Paywall levels has Group Accounts enabled.

4. You can enter any number for seats, even if it is different than what is set on the Leaky Paywall level.


Leaky Paywall Group members get access to IssueM Real3D flipbooks