Display header notices (based on subscription level) to promote new paid subscriptions

Want to automatically up-sell paid subscriptions to free level subscribers? ...or sell gift subscriptions to existing paid subscribers? Here's how:

Use our Conditional Display Notice to call out to your free and paid subscribers with promotions, welcomes, and other alerts based on the level they are logged in with. This add-on creates a header bar notice at the top of your website's pages that you can customize both the messaging and look.

Note: to track clicks from your notice use utm tracking codes.


1. Check the box to display the notice

After uploading and activating the plugin, go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions tab:

If at any point in time you want to temporarily turn your notice off you can just uncheck this box. 

2. Add your copy for the notice

Add your copy to the copy box. You can include a link, for example if you want to link to your subscribe page. 

3. Add the Leaky Paywall level IDs for which subscribers you would like to see this notice

To find the level ID, scroll up and look at each level. The ID is just underneath the Subscription Name:

Add this code (or multiple codes separated by commas) to the Level IDs box: 

4. Add article count numbers

This number (or numbers) determine when the notice will appear. For example, we want our users to see this message after their third, fourth, and fifth articles: 

5. Set the colors for your site

You can set the background color, copy color, link color, and link color on hover: 

6. Check your notice

Double check to make sure your notice is working as you'd like. For testing purposes, we love using the plugin User Switching to switch to different test subscriber accounts. 

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