How To: Set up PayPal as a Payment Gateway

* NOTE: To use PayPal as a Payment Gateway you must have a PayPal Business account. *

1. Enable PayPal Standard as a Payment Gateway.

Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Payments tab and check the box for PayPal Standard. Save the settings.

2. Add Merchant ID or PayPal email address.

If you do not have or do not know your Merchant ID you can enter the email address associated with your PayPal account. ( How to find your PayPal Merchant IDs for Premier Customers.)

3. Add your API information

To find your API information in PayPal, click on your name and go to Account Settings:

Under Account Access and API Access click the Update button on the right-hand side: 

Under NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic) click the Manage API credentials link:

There you will find your API Username, API Password, and Signature.

Enter those items in the Leaky Paywall settings: 

4. Add an image URL

This image will be displayed as your logo in the upper left corner of the PayPal checkout pages.

5. Optional: Set up a sandbox environment for testing. 

To set up a sandbox environment you will need a PayPal Developer account.

In order for the subscriber to be activated in Leaky Paywall, your site must receive an IPN response from PayPal. If you are on a local server for testing, then you won’t get the IPN response. Once the site is on a live URL, then you should get the IPN response that will activate the subscriber.

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