Leaky Paywall Shortcodes to Show/Hide specific subscriber content

These shortcodes let you hide in-content video, audio, images, files, and other from non-subscribers. They also let you substitute the subscriber only content with a notice that the content is for subscribers only. You can use any html (including a link to your subscribe page) to notify non-subscribers.

Hide subscriber only content

[leaky_paywall_subscriber]content goes here[/leaky_paywall_subscriber]

Use this shortcode to display content only to active Leaky Paywall subscribers

Show content only to specific subscription levels

[leaky_paywall_subscriber levels="1,2"]content goes here[/leaky_paywall_subscriber]

Use the "levels" argument to use a comma separated list of levels that can see the content.

Display a 'for subscribers only' notice to not logged in visitors

[leaky_paywall_not_subscriber]content goes here[/leaky_paywall_not_subscriber]

Use this shortcode to display content to a user who is not an active Leaky Paywall subscriber. 

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