Leaky Paywall - Double Opt In

The Leaky Paywall - Double Opt In add on requires a subscriber to activate their account through their email before allowing access to content. It is perfect for limiting spam on free level registrations. The email verification makes sure the user enters a valid email address before they can view content behind the paywall.


Go to Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions and scroll down to the Double Opt In settings. Create a page and place the shortcode [leaky_paywall_double_opt_in_activation] on the page.  Then set the Page for Double Opt In Activation setting. This is the page the user will be directed to in their activation email.

Next, on each Leaky Paywall level enable the Double Opt In for that level if you want to require it. 

After a user registers for a level that requires Double Opt In, they will receive an activation email. The user must click that link and activate their account before they will be able to access content. 

The user will see an overlay message on the site letting them know their account is pending.  They can also resend the verification email by clicking the link in the message.  Once their account is verified, they will no longer see the verification overlay message. 

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