How To Translate Our Plugins

If you would like to help translate one of our plugins like Leaky Paywall or IssueM into your language, it is easy to get started.

If you are new to translating, we recommend reading through this document first: How To Translate

You can see a list of our current language packs here:

Leaky Paywall Language Packs

1. Register a account

Since 2015, plugins and themes hosted on have their own translation project on That means that to translate most of our plugins, you’d need to head over there and register an account if you don’t already have one. 

2. Choose a plugin to translate

See the links below for where each project translation editor is hosted.

3. Find the language you’d like to translate from the list, and click on the language name.

4. Click on the ‘Untranslated’ link at the top of the page to show untranslated strings.

5. Double click on a translation you’d like to add or suggest an edit, or click the ‘details’ link.

6. Enter your translation, then click “Suggest”.

7. Your translation is now awaiting approval from an editor, and the next string for translation is automatically opened.

8. Request to become a PTE (Project Translation Editor) (optional)

To get your translations approved quickly, we recommend that you make a PTE (Project Translation Editor) request.

This article shows how to do that.

9. Translation must be at least 90%

In order for WordPress to generate a new language pack for you to use, the plugin must be translated at least 90% in the given language.

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