Leaky Paywall - Custom Registration Fields

Add custom fields to the Leaky Paywall registration form with our drag and drop Custom Registration Fields form builder. No coding required!

Includes the following fields:

  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Select
  • Checkbox

You can create separate field groups and assign to specific levels, giving you the ultimate flexibility. Each level can have the same fields, different fields, or no fields. Each scenario is easily configurable.

The data is automatically stored on the Leaky Paywall transaction, and exportable via our free Reporting Tool.

1. Create a Field Group

Go to Leaky Paywall > Registration Fields and click "Add New Field Group".

2. Add Fields

Add a name for your field group, select which levels the fields apply to, and then start adding your fields. 

The fields can be dragged into any order that you need them.  Make sure to click "Update" after any edits to save your changes. 

3. Registration Form

The fields will automatically display on the registration form depending on which level the user is signing up for. 

4. Submitted Data

After a completed registration, the submitted data will be displayed on the Leaky Paywall transaction, and in the csv export from the Leaky Paywall Reporting Tool

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