Leaky Paywall - SimpleCirc integration


After installing the Leaky Paywall - SimpleCirc add-on, go to Leaky Paywall > Subscriptions > SimpleCirc.  Enter the required settings. 

Webhook Settings

You can choose to update Leaky Paywall data after an event happens in SimpleCirc.  Just check the box next to the actions you want to enable.    Learn more about setting up webhooks in SimpleCirc.

Please note that "Expiration Dates" under Leaky Paywall -> General must be unchecked when using our SimpleCirc integration.

Level Settings

This integration uses the Leaky Paywall registration form, so you need to set the number of issues a new subscriber gets in SimpleCirc depending on the level purchased. You can also override the global Postage ID for the level if needed. 

Account Lookup

For your existing SimpleCirc subscribers, you can send them to your Account Lookup page to create their online login and access to the site. 

Create a page and add the shortcode [leaky_paywall_simplecirc_account_lookup] to it.  This will default the lookup by zipcode.  You can change it to email address by adding the attribute type="email".  For example, [leaky_paywall_simplecirc_account_lookup type="email"]

The user can now enter their SimpleCirc 

  1. Account id and
  2. Email OR zip code

Once verified, they can create an email and password to use with the site.  This email address is sent back to their SimpleCirc account, keeping everything in sync. 


  1. Free registration level subscribers can be passed to SimpleCirc or only stored in Leaky Paywall. In Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions tab: If your Number of SimpleCirc Issues Purchases setting is less than 1 Ex: 0 that subscriber will not be sent to Simplecirc. An example setup: A Leaky Paywall subscription level is set for a free registration. The SimpleCirc issue setting = 0. These subscribers will appear only in Leaky Paywall (and are sent and tagged in Mailchimp).

  2. Logging in: If there is an active subscriber (with an email address) in SimpleCirc they can simply login to your website and the email and password they enter will create a Leaky Paywall/WordPress account and log them in on the spot. We recommend you create a dedicated Leaky Paywall login page using our [leaky_paywall_login] login shortcode that includes instructions that says something like: "If you have an account simply login with your email address and choose a password to gain access"
  3. Gift subscriptions add-on: The receiver and giver of the gift subscription will be passed to SimpleCirc as long as the Basic Shipping add-on is activated for that level
  4. All digital access is controlled by the subscription startup date and expiration date (not issues delivered in SimpleCirc)
  5. My Account page: Shipping address will be editable if our Basic Shipping add-on is being used and address will be sent to SimpleCirc

How to Change the Level ID assigned During Login or Account Lookup

You can use the leaky_paywall_level_id_for_simplecirc_subscriber filter to adjust the level id.

How to Send a Phone Number To SimpleCirc During Registration

1. Add a custom field to the Leaky Paywall registration for collecting a phone number.  If using our Leaky Paywall Custom Registration Fields add-on, then you can add it easily without code.  

2. Find the name of that field on the registration form. You will use this in the next step.

3. Use the filter "leaky_paywall_simplecirc_subscriber_data" to add the phone number to the data being sent to SimpleCirc.  Below is an example function you can add to your theme's functions.php file or a functionality plugin.

How To Send Data During a Gift Subscription

If you to send data to SimpleCirc during a gift subscription for either the giver or the recipient, you can use the "leaky_paywall_simplecirc_gift_giver_data" and "leaky_paywall_simplecirc_gift_recip_data" filters respectively.  

For example, you can use the code below to send gift giver address fields to SimpleCirc.

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