Sell individual articles, video, or live streams with Pay Per Post

The Leaky Paywall - Pay Per Post add-on allows a user to pay for access to a single post, page, article or other post type. Great for selling access to Live Streams, video embeds, pdfs, documents, and audio files.  

This makes it possible to buy one (or many!) articles without being a subscriber.  You can sell individual content access with ease.

A user can buy access to as many different Pay Per Post content as they want. 

Configuring the Leaky Paywall Pay Per Post add-on Global Settings

1. After installing the plugin, go to  Leaky Paywall > Settings > Subscriptions in your WordPress admin and scroll down to the Pay Per Post section.

2. Set a global price that will apply to any post where Pay Per Post is enabled.  This can be overwritten on a per post basis. 

3. Set the global message you want to show to encourage a user to purchase the content. The %%purchase link%% template tag must be used somewhere in the content in order for the user to be able to buy the content. 

4. Choose whether to allow active Leaky Paywall subscribers to have access to the post, if their level access rules allow it. 

Configuring your message for purchasing single content access OR a subscription for full access

In Leaky Paywall Settings: Make sure you add the link to your checkout page (or subscription card page) AND the Per Per Post shortcode in the Pay Per Post Restricted Content Message. We recommend you output a button selection for each:

If you need, you can also override your Global Restricted Content Message on an individual post basis.

Configuring the Per Post Settings

1. Go to the content you want to enable Pay Per Post on.  This could be a post, page, article, or any post type. 

2. In the Leaky Paywall Pay Per Post metabox, check the box to "Enable Pay Per Post for this content.".

3. If you want to require that a user purchase access, even active Leaky Paywall subscribers who should have access to the content, check the box for "Require everyone".

4. Set a different price for the content if you want it to be different than the global settings. 

5. Set a different message if you want it to be different than the global settings. 

How Pay Per Post Works for the User

1. When a user goes to a post where Pay Per Post is enabled, instead of the post content they will see the Pay Per Post message for that post.

2. The user clicks on the "Purchase Content" link and it takes them to the Leaky Paywall registration page where they can purchase access.  If they already have a Leaky Paywall subscription, this purchase will be in addition to their subscription.  It will not overwrite their current Leaky Paywall subscription. 

3. After purchasing, the user will be logged in and redirected back to the content they just purchased.  They will get immediate access to view the post. 

4. On the Leaky Paywall My Account page, the user will have a list of content under "Individual Content Access" that they have purchased so that they can easily get back to the content at any time. 

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