How to announce your new issues via email

An Beautiful Promotion

If you publish regular or special issue content you are likely sending out email announcements to promote each edition. So how do you put together a compelling issue teaser?

Small Boats Monthly creates a beautiful email preview for each new issue. The email alerts their subscribers to new content. It also reaches out to those readers on their email list who haven’t subscribed yet, teasing them with the written riches to come.

All email links send readers directly to their web-based issue and articles. This lets the reader enjoy the content on their mobile devices without having to struggle with PDFs or flip-books (If you are still sending readers to PDFs or flip-books and want to know how to make them work make sure you check out this article).

A Simple Structure

The email is a simple thing. It starts with a beautiful visual of the issue cover.

It includes a human introduction to the featured content of the issue. The intro is short, sweet, and written in a fairly conversational tone. Personal introductions have proven to increase engagement significantly.

What follows is a selection of article teasers from each section of the magazine, each linked back to their permanent location within the digital issue itself.

The email concludes with a very large button, inviting recipients to “View The [Current] Issue”. 

This is an important feature. The small buttons and text links are a worthy inclusion, but for high-level calls-to-action, big wide buttons work best.

A Beautiful Result

All-in-all, Small Boats Monthly’s email announcement is a visually pleasing preview of the issue that entices readers without overloading them. It serves a valuable service but it isn’t complex either to compose or to read.

Which makes it a great tactic to emulate.

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