Advanced redirection options

Customizing the login experience for your users is important. With Leaky Paywall you have a lot of flexibility.

Default settings

By default, all Leaky Paywall subscribers are redirected to the Profile page.

Login Redirect

To redirect users back to the story they were just on before logging in, you'll want to use our Leaky Paywall - Login Redirect addon. This add-on is super simple. Simply activate it, and you're ready to go. No additional settings. Here's more documentation.

Registration Redirect

To redirect users back to the story they were on after registering/subscribing on your site, check out our Leaky Paywall - Registration Redirect addon. Here's a look at our Registration Redirect addon settings:

Subscription Level based Registration Redirect

Our Registration Redirect is also a great option if you'd like to customize the confirmation page based on the level. For example, your free level confirmation messaging might be different than your paid levels.

WordPress Role and Specific User Redirects

If you'd prefer to redirect users to a specific page upon logging in, check out this third-party addon: Peter's Login Redirect. With this add-on, you can redirect based on specific WordPress roles (admin, editor, subscriber, etc.) or on an individual subscriber basis. For example, perhaps you'd like to direct all admin and editors to /wp-admin.

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