How to set up a drip campaign to new subscribers using Mailchimp

An email drip campaign lets you send automated emails to your new subscriber over time. This will help you strengthen your relationship with the new subscriber.

After a subscriber registers for free on your website, send them a series of helpful and interesting emails over the next few weeks. You can choose how frequently to send each email. We recommend one per day. 

Some drip campaign email possibilities:

  1. Introduce your mission 
  2. Highlight several important or popular articles
  3. Promote special editions
  4. Introduce authors
  5. Throw light on community service
  6. Motivate downloads of your app
  7. Note other newsletters
  8. Promote a main sponsor
  9. Promote donations
  10. Share a subscription with a friend

Start with 3 emails that make sense for you. Send them out over 3 days. You can always add new drip emails to your campaign. 

Mailchimp makes it a breeze to set up a drip campaign: See Mailchimp's drip info and instructions

These emails can be personalized with data like the contact’s name and specific references to the action they took. Ex: registering for free.

In Leaky Paywall you will typically assign a Mailchimp tag to all your subscription levels. Simply set Mailchimp to trigger your email drip campaign when a new subscriber is added with the appropriate tag. Ex: In Leaky Paywall, for a free subscription level, set the 'free level' tag. When a subscriber is added in Mailchimp with this tag it triggers your free level email drip campaign to that subscriber over the next month.  

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