Accelerating your paid subscriptions

How do I convert my readers into loyal paying subscribers?

In this article, we'll discuss key elements to turning your casual readers into loyal paying l subscribers.


The first area we are going to focus on is messaging. While Leaky Paywall can handle virtually any paywall setup, your messaging will be just as important as our software.

  • Why should your readers pay you?
  • What is your mission?
  • Explain the value to you readers.
  • Educate your audience on why you need their support.
  • Broadcast your messaging throughout your site.

Here are a few great subscription message examples:





Include custom welcome emails based on the subscription level that readers sign up to. For example, your welcome email to your free subscribers might include language around signing up for a paid premium level for more access.

Free Registration Level

Now, let's talk about creating a free registration level. We talk about this particular strategy all of the time here at Zeen101! What is a free registration level and why implement one?

A free registration level is designed to cultivate everyday readers into paid subscribers by giving away free content in exchange for an email address. Here's what your set-up might look like:

  1. Give all readers on your site at least 1 article for free each month. This will ensure search engines can index your content and allows social sharing to commence.
  2. Create a free subscription level in Leaky Paywall that gives readers access to 3 articles on a "forever" timeline.
  3. Set up MailChimp with Leaky Paywall so these free subscription level subscribers land in MailChimp.
  4. Send out your daily/weekly newsletter to your free subscription level subscribers with links to your content.
  5. Your free subscription level subscribers will access your content eventually eating up their 3 free articles.
  6. Once the 3 free articles used up, your free subscribers will be prompted to upgrade their plans to a paid plan to continue access.

We recommend this strategy across the board. Whether you're a news publisher, magazine publisher, or something in between, a free registration strategy can grow your paid subscribers. Learn more about setting up a free registration level with Leaky Paywall.

Give your readers multiple payment avenues

Run promotions

  • Offer your readers a trialing discount for their first month or first year
  • Add a clock to your promotions (25% off until X date)
  • Run some type of promotion all of the time

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