Publishers Service Associates <> Leaky Paywall integration

Some notables:

  • Please get in touch with us to help set up your PSA API endpoints
  • Registration is completed through Leaky Paywall so all add-ons are available
  • The PSA integration will handle one time and recurring subscriptions
  • The integration uses our Basic Shipping add-on to capture mailing addresses
  • The Leaky Paywall subscription level has to have number of PSA issues set in order for info to be sent to PSA. The free registrations do not get sent to PSA
  • New subscribers from the website will have instant access and digital access expiration is set via the Leaky Paywall Subscription level. Print subscribers coming from PSA will need to be manually added at this point (or imported via CSV)
  • Supports login lookup: If a subscriber is logging in for the first time and is active in the PSA database, they will be auto-generated in Leaky Paywall (with the password they entered) and gain instant access.

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