Leaky Paywall Insights

Leaky Paywall includes an Insights dashboard with an overview how Leaky Paywall is working for you.  You can find it under Leaky Paywall > Insights in your WP admin.

All data is pulled from Leaky Paywall transactions.  More data will be available in the coming months. 


You can easily filter the data by four different time periods: last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, and last 3 months.

It currently shows:

Total Revenue 

A total of all revenue created by Leaky Paywall transactions.  This includes both one time payments and recurring payments.

New Paid Subscribers

A total of all new subscribers who signed up for a paid level.

New Free Subscribers

A total of all new subscribers who signed up for a free level.

New Gift Subscriptions

If you have our Gift Subscriptions extension activated, this will show all new subscribers who were created by a gift subscription. 

Top Content Leading to Conversion

This section will show the top content the user was viewing when the nag was displayed and they clicked a "subscribe" link.  If the user did not go through the subscribe nag to subscribe, then that data will not be available.

The top 10 articles for both paid and free conversions are shown.  The number at the end of the url shows the number of times that article was the start of the conversion for a new subscriber. 

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