Leaky Paywall - Basic Shipping

Leaky Paywall is for selling access to digital content. However, sometimes you want to sell access to both a digital and print subscription at the same time. When you need to collect address information for shipping during registration, the Leaky Paywall - Basic Shipping add-on makes it easy.

Plugin Settings

Go to the Leaky Paywall > Settings > Shipping tab.

1. Set your base region.  This is the country you are based in.

2. Set your default state, if your base region is compatible with the state selector.  Otherwise the state field with be a text input.

3. Choose to allow international shipping.  If set to "No", only your base region will be shown during registration.

4. Set a section title to show above the address fields on the registration form.

5. Choose to allow the user to edit their shipping address on their Leaky Paywall My Account page.  If set to "Yes", it will display address fields at the bottom of their Profile page.  Note that their level has to have basic shipping enabled in order for them to see the address fields. 

Level Settings

Under Leaky Paywall > Settings > Restrictions & Levels, enable Basic Shipping on specific levels.  Address fields will only be shown during registration if the user is registering for a level that has Basic Shipping enabled.  Otherwise, no address fields will be shown on the registration form.

Fields On the Registration Form

The fields include Country, Address, Address 2, City, State, and Zip.  The fields will be stored on the Leaky Paywall transaction, and exportable via the Reporting Tool.  If using Stripe, these fields will also be set as the shipping address for the customer in Stripe.

Send an Email When a Subscriber Changes Their Address

If a user updates their address on their Profile page, you can use the leaky_paywall_profile_address_updated action to trigger a notification.

Adjust What Countries Are Available During Registration

You can use the filter leaky_paywall_basic_shipping_countries to only display specific countries to the user during registration.

For example, the following code snippet will only show the countries "United States" and "Canada".

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