Stripe Checkout

As of Leaky Paywall 4.18.0, you can now enable Stripe Checkout as a payment gateway. We recommend using our default Stripe elements checkout. Best use case: If you need to use a foreign payment gateway Stripe Checkout is a good solution.

Once enabled, you can manage the payment method types you want to use directly from your Stripe Dashboard

This integration will send the user off to a hosted payment page on Stripe's servers for the payment, and then send them back to your site after a successful payment. 

Some of the available payment methods include:

Please note, at this time you cannot use Stripe Checkout and PayPal at the same time.  You also cannot use the Stripe Checkout and Stripe credit card fields gateways at the same time. 

Manage your payment methods in Stripe

What if my payment method isn't showing?

Stripe determines the list of supported payment methods to show each customer by evaluating the currency, payment method restrictions, and other parameters.  Please check your currency setting in Leaky Paywall and make sure it is set to the correct currency for the payment methods you have enabled in Stripe.

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