How to Show Additional Data on the User Profile Page

On the Leaky Paywall profile page, there a number of a filters you can use to output extra data about the user, such as custom fields. You can also output additional messages or forms. 

Here is a list of the available filters:

  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_subscription_start
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_subscription_end
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_payment_info_start
  • leaky_paywall_subscriber_info_paid_subscriber_start
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_payment_info_end
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_profile_start
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_profile_before_submit
  • leaky_paywall_profile_your_profile_end

Here is an example of using one of the filters.