Omeda <> Leaky Paywall integration

How Leaky Paywall and Omeda work together:

Checkout and My Account are handled on the website for a smooth user experience. This lets you use most Leaky Paywall extensions. No updates are currently sent to Omeda from the My Account page. If Omeda adds this function to their APIs we can add this. Exporting/importing subscriber data is also supported (CSV) with Leaky Paywall.

Basic functions:

  1. Leaky Paywall creates new subscribers in Omeda
  2. Leaky Paywall renews existing subscribers in Omeda
  3. Leaky Paywall checks for an active subscription on the Omeda site during login, using the email address entered
  4. If a subscriber cancels (from the Leaky Paywall My Account page) Leaky Paywall sends an email notification. CSV export is also available
  5. If a subscriber changes their address (from the Leaky Paywall My Account page)  Leaky Paywall sends an email notification

Leaky Paywall sends the Term, Price, Version, and Product ID to Omeda on signup/renewal.

We can add new functions as APIs become available.

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