How to migrate Woo Subscriptions (Stripe) into Leaky Paywall

To migrate out of Woo Subscriptions, you will need to generate a list of your subscribers that includes their email, Stripe customer ID, expiration date, and the level/plan.

1) Download this plugin from Github to export your Woo Subscriptions:

2) The most important data is your active subscriptions since you will want those subscribers to continue with access to your content along with future webhook updates from Stripe.

3) Once you have your subscription list exported in a CSV, it's now time to format your data for bulk import into Leaky Paywall. Format your Leaky Paywall bulk import CSV to match what you see here:

4) For your import to successfully include all necessary data, you must include email, level_id, subscriber_id, and expires fields. Once you have your bulk import ready to go, download our Bulk Import addon and follow the upload instructions here.

That's it! Since the user emails already exist in the WordPress user table, your users will continue to use their existing passwords.

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