What does the Leaky Paywall Payment Status field mean?

The Payment Status field reflects the current payment status of the subscriber.

There are currently 5 possible statuses:

The subscriber has had successful payment.
The subscriber has cancelled their recurring subscription, or has been cancelled manually by an admin in your payment gateway.
The subscriber has had a failed payment, or it has been refunded by an admin in your payment gateway.
If you use PayPal, this is set when a subscriber's last paid interval has expired.
If you using our Trials add-on, this is the payment status of a subscriber who is still in the trial phase of a subscription.

What about "Has Access"?

There is also a "Has Access" column in the subscriber table under Leaky Paywall > Subscribers.  This will be either "Yes" or "No".  It is determined dynamically by checking both payment status and the expiration date of the subscriber.  For example, if the subscriber has a payment status of "Active", but their expiration date has passed, they will not have access.  However, if the user has a payment status of "Cancelled", but their expiration date is in the future, they will have access. 

Since this is calculated dynamically, it is not a user meta field that can be exported.  However, the Reporting Tool will calculate this value during an export.

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