My subscriber is not getting the reset password/welcome email

Log your emails

Please install the email log plugin which will show you every email that is sent via WordPress on your site, including Leaky Paywall new subscriber emails. You can then check the email log to see if your site is sending the new subscriber email and which user they are being sent to. If the user is not receiving them in their inbox, have them check their spam folder.

Use a service to send emails from your site

You will need to set up an SMTP plugin and use a service to let it send the emails for you. Your site’s web server isn’t “optimized” to deliver emails and ISP's will filter them out. 

3 good options:

  1. Set up Mailgun
  2. Set up Postmark
  3. If you sign up with our paid plan we include transactional email delivery.

If you want to know more... here’s an article about the why and how. It's about email deliverability with Ninja Forms, but the same principles apply. Emails Not Working

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