Ad Dropper setup

This documentation shows how to setup our ad management plugin Ad Dropper.

1. Set up ad zones for where you want ads to appear

  • Create the ad zones you need in the Ad Zones setting: Header, Footer, Sidebar, in-content, etc.

Multiple ads will randomly rotate through with each page reload.


2. Use the WordPress editor to create any type of ad

  • In Ad Dropper click Add New
  • Insert banner ads, text + images, video
  • Ad code from third party ad networks: click the Text tab and insert code


3. Drop ads anywhere in your publication

A. Use Ad Dropper shortcodes in your content. The zone_id attribute lets you specify a specific zone to choose from. For example,

[ad_dropper zone_id="6"]


B. And use the Ad Dropper widget for sidebar, header, footer widget, etc:


4. Tracks ad views and clicks


5. Hide all ads from paid subscribers in Leaky Paywall by level

6. Hide specific ads from active subscribers in Leaky Paywall by level

7. Insert Ads Into Content

On an ad zone, edit the "Insert Into Content" settings and customize to control where the ad appears, including custom post types and custom taxonomies.

8. How to Adjust Ad Display on a Per Post Basis

On a post, you can choose to show all ads, hide in content ads, or hide all ads.  The default is show all ads.

9. How to Expire Ads

The ads can be set to run for a specific time period with a plugin that let you set an expiration date for each ad. Use the free Post Expirator plugin to handle this.

Note: About bot traffic

On average the ad networks report 30% of all clicks to be bot traffic. There really isn't anything that can be done about it. Just account the 30% in your data.

You dig in here for more details:

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