How to create different opt-in Groups and Segments using MailChimp

With our MailChimp addon you can segment your email blasts so that your subscribers can choose what newsletters to receive (on sign up and on their My Account page) using the MailChimp Groups function. Here's how it looks for the subscriber:

Set up

Here is how to set up the ability for subscriber to self select newsletters in MailChimp, and to automate those campaigns:

1st create your Groups:

  1. Click Audience > All Contacts
  2. Click Manage Contacts > Groups
  3. Click Create Group and name the Group Category (which will display above the group choices). Add your segments/newsletters you want subscribers to opt in to under Group Names and click Save

Add your Groups to your Segments

This will let you add existing contacts and new Group subscribers to a segment that you will send one of your newsletter categories to.

  1. Click Audiences > Segments
  2. Create Segment
  3. Choose the Groups you want to add to the segment
  4. If you want to add an existing segment click the +Add button and you can add Ex: a list that has been tagged:

Click Preview and Save and give the segment a name Ex: Guitars

Now you have a segment that will fill the Group up with new opt-in subscribers to that topic and is also populated with existing subscribers. Repeat until you have created all the segments you need.

In Leaky Paywall you can choose which Groups to allow opt-ins to by subscription level. 

With this Groups integration you can also now create paid newsletters integrated with Leaky Paywall. Only allow access to a Group for a premium subscription level.

Option: If you do not want your Group to show up on the MailChimp email popup on your site (but it will continue to be displayed on the Leaky Paywall registration & My Account pages) you will need to create a hidden group:

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