How to set up automated email campaigns using MailChimp's RSS-to-Email, your article categories, and Groups

This will let you automatically send different categories of content to your MailChimp groups.

You will want to create an RSS-to-Email campaign that targets your article category news feed, to send your latest content to the Group your subscriber opted in to. This RSS feature will scan your website for new articles and if found will automatically email your subscribers the articles based on the template you create and the schedule you set to sent the email blast.

  1. Click Campaigns > All Campaigns
  2. Click Create Campaign
  3. Choose Email
  4. Click Automated > Choose Share blog updates
  5. Give your Campaign a name and select your main audience > Begin

You will need to copy your article category feed url into the RSS feed URL field. Go to your article category you want subscribers to opt-in to on your website. The url should look something like this:

Note: the /category/ text is required for MailChimp to pick up the feed. 


Choose the Segment you just created:

Once you have your RSS feed url and Recipients chosen, go through the wizard to design, build, and schedule your email template. In the design section you will want to drag in the RSS Items block into your template. That is the code that will scan your site and insert titles and excerpts into your email:

Once you finish up your campaign Confirm it and if you are using opt-in Groups, set up the next segment for your next newsletter.

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