How to sell a Premium+ locked down level subscription with unique messaging

If you are looking to add and sell Premium+ or Member level content access in addition to your current subscription levels, the Pay Per Post add-on let's you display a unique subscription message, and offer the ability to sell individual pieces of content.

This setup will let you create and promote a new membership/premium+ subscription level in Leaky Paywall.


Tea Journey has a premium+ subscription level called: Tea Price Reports that requires a higher level of subscription than their standard paid subscription. The Tea Price Reports are set up as a new post type. You can also use category restrictions to manage access to your premium+ content.

When a visitor lands on one of their Reports they get a special subscription nag:

his message is created in the Leaky Paywall > Subscriptions tab. It will show up on any article/post that has the Pay Per Post checked off. Here is Tea Journey's global premium+ setup which can be overridden on an individual post if needed:

On each article that you want to be restricted to your new premium+ level subscribers simply check off the Pay Per Post box:

You have the ability to sell individual content items by using the %%purchase_link%% in your content that will let visitor buy that 1 item. It is not required. You could simply create a message to subscribe to the premium+ level and link directly to the registration/checkout page for your new premium+ subscription level.

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