Provide instant email blasts exclusively to subscribers when articles go live

If you publish time sensitive content you may need to email it to your subscribers as soon as it's published on your site.

This is easily set up with Mailchimp and the help of the MailOptin plugin.

  1. Make sure you add a Mailchimp tag in Leaky Paywall to the subscription level that provides access on your site and will allow the subscriber to receive the instant email: Leaky Paywall Settings > Subscriptions tab > Subscription level > Select Mailchimp List > Add Mailchimp tags
  2. Create your email campaign template in Mailchimp and target this segment tag
  3. Set up MailOptin to trigger Mailchimp to immediately send all new posts/articles to everyone that you have tagged to your new subscription level
  4. If a subscriber cancels/payment fails, Leaky Paywall removes the tag from Mailchimp. That cancelled subscriber will no longer receive your instant email blasts. 
  5. That's it!

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