How to create a paid subscription newsletter with Mailchimp

With Leaky Paywall and Mailchimp, your paid newsletter can be handled as a subscription level all on its own. Complete with automated payments and expiration cut-offs you can also include content access on your website.

We use something called 'tag mirroring' to manage access to your Mailchimp newsletter. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, Mailchimp receives the email address that is tagged Ex: 'paid newsletter'. This lets you send your newsletter to paid subscribers.

When a credit card charge fails the tag is changed to Ex: 'failed' so you can contact those with failed card transactions. When a subscriber cancels the tag is changed to Ex: 'cancelled' so they are still on your list and can be sent your free newsletter (if you have one).

This automates access and makes sure only paid subscribers receive your paid newsletter (and website content).

Setup is a snap

All you need to do:

  1. In Leaky Paywall > Subscriptions set up a new subscription level in Leaky Paywall called Ex: Paid Newsletter
  2. Make sure the subscription level uses a unique Mailchimp Tag, such as ‘paid newsletter’
  3. Set up your paid email campaign in Mailchimp that sends only to those who are tagged 'paid mewsletter'
  4. That’s it. When a subscriber cancels or their credit card fails they will be automatically unsubscribed from your paid newsletter and will be assigned the 'cancelled' tag so you can contact them

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